Living a Life of Purpose

Kate Buck Jr
2 min readNov 20, 2021


As my 42nd birthday approaches, I have been deep in reflection and I can truly say, the thing I am most proud of in this life — far beyond my own accomplishments — is the very real impact I have been able to make in the lives of others, and the ripple effect that has had on their families and the people that they care about.

Even though it’s not been as big as the impact of celebrities or even online influencers that I know, it doesn’t matter to me… I feel immense gratitude for the opportunity and the calling that I accepted.

An online course is just a vehicle for a message, the selling of which, earns money, but the value and the impact you’ve had on EVEN JUST ONE PERSON… to change the trajectory of their life for the better… is priceless.

The real value is the fulfillment that comes from living out your purpose — no matter how big or small.

The REAL value is in the giving, the contribution and getting to serve your fellow humans at the highest level.

No brand, company or publisher can ever “own” that.

That is something I will carry with me always — and at the end of my days, that will be what I remember the most about this life.

So, I ask you, now…

Are you living your purpose no matter how big or small?

Do you regularly acknowledge yourself for you contributions to your family, your children and your communities?

Remember, that ONE post you make on social media today… That ONE conversation you have with a stranger… could be the turning point in someone’s life.

And THAT is a sacred thing.



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