My Healing Home

Kate Buck Jr
1 min readNov 28, 2021


One year ago today, I left on a journey with only one prayer.

I asked the universe to help me find a friend. A community.

I had no idea I would find so much more than that… I found a place to call home.

I met a motley crew of Dr. Joe Dispenza devotees and during the middle of the pandemic, they became my family and we decided to stay in Mexico.

This place brought me peace, perspective and healing from an abusive and traumatizing relationship.

I woke several mornings per week to meditate at the beach before sunrise.

I went out salsa dancing at night.

Friends and family were always coming and going.

Green juice and organic vegan food on every corner.

I fell in love with myself here.

It became a sacred home for healing.

So much so that I bought a condo and got residency in Mexico!



Kate Buck Jr

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